Since 1920, young Americans have benefited through the Jaycees. The organization started in St. Louis, Missouri, with one young person's desire for a better life.

Henry Giessenbier, a bank teller trying to get ahead, thought practical management experience on a social level could help him and his community progress. He contacted other young people with his idea, and they became active in the area's civic affairs. The idea caught on and the organization grew.


Today the Jaycees continues its dedication to member and community improvement. In more than 4,000 communities throughout the country, men and women ages 21 to 40 are developing their personal and professional skills and helping fellow citizens through membership in the Jaycees.

The Jaycees offers limitless opportunities for professional and social outlets for today's young Americans. Now you can be part of this movement, too. Take advantage of all available opportunities that interest you. All you have to do is join.

Jaycee Creed

We Believe that faith in God
gives meaning and purpose to human life;

That the brotherhood of man transcends
the sovereignty of nations;

That economic justice can best be won
by free men through free enterprise;

That government should be of laws
rather than of men;

That earth's great treasure
lies in human personality;

And that service to humanity
is the best work of life.

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Holiday Dinners

Labor Day Regatta

In Memorium: Ron “Boomer” Brungard

Jaycees officers 2013:
President - Keith Mincer
Individual Development Vice President: Butch Russell
Management Vice President: Kase Mincer
Community Development Vice President: Dusti Russell
Membership Development Vice President: Ryan McDermit
Treasurer: Dusti Russell
Secretary: Aaron Russell

Regatta chairmen
Streets - Becky Bowman, DuWayne Kunes
Arts and Crafts - Becky Bowman
Entertainment - Scott Johnson
Food – Kase Mincer
Boats - Scott Johnson, David Hinton
Finance – Dusti Russell
Grounds - Bill Powers, Ron Bauman
PR/Advertising - Scott Johnson
Kitchen - Kase Mincer, Ken Wert, Butch Russell, John Mayes
General - Doug Wenker, Lenny Wensel
Pizza - Scott Johnson, John Watkins
Sausage - Doug Wenker
Hot Dogs – Carl McCoy
Runners - Ryan McDermit, David Hinton


2014 Event Poster

Labor Day a weekend to celebrate with the best boats, rides, games, food and fireworks in the region

    LOCK HAVEN For 43 years the Lock Haven Area Jaycees have given the residents of central Pennsylvania the Labor Day Regatta – a three-day weekend to close out the summer with food, rides, arts and

crafts and, most importantly, the best boat races anyone will see in this area.

    The Lock Haven Area Jaycees are pleased to present the 43rd Annual Lock Haven Area Jaycees Labor Day Regatta on Aug. 30 and 31, and  Sept. 1 along Water Street in Lock Haven.

    Besides the Ron “Boomer” Brungard Memorial Fireworks and boat races, which are free of charge to the public, the Labor Day Regatta will feature three full days of bands, also free to the public on the Steven Hill Memorial Stage in front of Lindsay Place on the corner of Water and Jay streets in Lock Haven.

    The free musical entertainment will include:

     WSQV/WBPZ Day: Saturday, from noon to 10 p.m. with 11 acts including Blake Marsh, Caleb Liddick, Kevin VanAmburg and Joel Long, Spangler, Greylines and Mason Dixon

     Bear Bash: Sunday from noon to 10 p.m., with acts including Biscuit Jam, Chris Carrithers, Purecane Sugar, Threadbear and Gigi, Ridin’ Shotgun and Rurual Route

    Free live music presented by The Lock Haven Area Jaycees Monday from noon to 9:30 p.m. with DJ Jammin’ Jay (Elvis impersonator), Phil Reeder and Lixx.

    Also, the Jaycees are proud to be able to bring Mr. T Balloon Creations all three days. Mr. T (Phil Taormina) has been wowing crowds for years with his balloon creations and he will be walking through

the crowd making and giving out his creations to kids of all ages during the vent.

        In addition to the family-friendly fun on the Lock Haven side of the Susqehanna River, the Dunnstown Fire Company welcomes all to the Lockport side of the river, with many more vendors, and those 21 years of age and older for the Budweiser Beer Tent, open all three days and nights with all the public’s favorite Anheuser-Busch products.

    Jaycee officials estimate that approximately 40,000 people are expected to attend the three-day event, pumping approximately $1 million into the local economy through the hotels, motels, and bed and breakfasts; gasoline stations; and other local businesses; and the various vendors at the event itself.

    The festivities kick off at about 10 a.m. Saturday with opening ceremonies with state Rep. Mike Hanna, D-Lock Haven.

    The boat races will feature the North American Championships in the 250 CC modified hydro class.

    “Anytime you have the North American championships, everyone you are close to is going to be there for that,” said longtime Lock Haven Area Jaycee and Jaycee International Senator, Jaycee Ambassador and Jaycee Statesman (the three biggest titles JC members can obtain) DuWayne Kunes. “There’s a lot of recognition involved and the people really love their sport. It’s a big, tightly-knit family. They race each other all year long and they know each other year in and year out, and there are a lot of bragging rights to win that championship.

    “They also know and love Lock Haven and look forward to the action, both on and off the river, each year,” he said.

    In addition to the long-running C and J Class hydro and runaround boats, the American Power Boating Association is once again planning on bringing in two classes of alcohol boats, the Alcohol Pro Class 125 cc and 250 cc. The latter boats can get up to speeds of around 95 mph.

    The annual C Class stock hydros Dash For Cash will run Sunday at around noon. That race will have a cash prize of at least $1,000 to the winner, depending on how many drivers donate at registration. The Dash For Cash will feature at least two dozen of the country’s best boat racers.

    Those with personal watercrafts are reminded to keep them off the course while the races are going on. The limit for those on the river is the lower point of Boom Island.

    “If they go past that point, the races will be shut down and it will hold up the show,” said Kunes, who added that boaters will not be allowed go past the judging stand while the fireworks are being set

off Sunday at 9:30 p.m. The fireworks are co-sponsored by Lock Haven Moose Lodge 100.

    Also, the city will close off City Beach during the races for the safety of the residents and the boaters. And, the city’s dike-levee walkway will be closed from the top of the amphitheatre on both sides to protect the public, in addition to the first three steps of the amphitheatre. Those in that area without proper credentials will be asked to move. Due to new insurance regulations, a 100-foot safety zone from the race course will be enforced.

    Of course, the regatta midway featuring food, games, and rides from many local nonprofit organizations and vendors will be open all three days and nights from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Saturday and Monday, and

11 a.m. to 10 p.m. on Sunday.

    The arts and crafts area will run in Canal Park from Water Street to Main Street.

    “It’s a good family event,” Kunes said. “We have the midway, food, rides and games on this side, along with the arts and crafts displays in Canal Park. And for those adults who like to indulge, there will be

the beer tent with Dunnstown with Anheuser-Bush products. They’re excited about that and were excited.

   “The rides, the food, the boats... Why would you not want to come down?”

    To make room to prepare the midway for the weekend, Water Street from Jay to Washington streets will be closed beginning Thursday at 6 p.m. Jaycee members remind residents in that area to move their cars before the road is officially shut down. Cars left on the roadway will be towed. Motorists are encouraged to please observe the road closing as many volunteers will be on the street setting up and tearing down the event and any vehicle passing through creates an imminent danger to the workers.

        This is the Jaycees largest fundraiser of the year and is one of the bigger Jaycee events in the state and nation. The organization is planning on seeing many state officials on hand during the weekend. 

       All the money raised will be funneled back into the community through various activities and donations throughout the year.

     “This helps keep us afloat for the year,” said Kunes. “All of the activities and events that we do for the community during the year are funded through this one event. So, we’d like to see everyone come out Labor Day Weekend to support us and the other venders and organizations here and celebrate the end of summer as only Lock Haven can, with the best boat racers, the best food, the best games, the best arts and crafts vendors, the best bands and the best fireworks in the region.”


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